May 12, 2004

Two letters

Both from Troops in Iraq, and both with hat-tips to Professor Glenn.

First, a Marine asks BLACKFIVE: Email Direct From Fallujah - "What Happened To Our Country?"

The Marines are in high spirits. The troops in Fallujah are doing what Marines do best, and they're true professionals. Everyone else is driving forward, wondering what all the fuss back home is all about. We don't feel that we're losing anything - in fact, we're finally addressing issues that should have been addressed some time ago. The world seems to have forgotten what war looks like. It's not supposed to be pretty and happy. Force is used to kill those who are perpetrating evil on the people of Iraq. The images need to be put in perspective, something the news agencies just don't have time for.

Semper Fi. The next letter is from an Army Spc: "I ask that the American People Be Brave:"
I ask that the American people be brave. Don't fall for the spin by the weak and timid amongst you that are portraying this battle as a disaster. Such people are always looking for our failure to justify and rescue their constant pessimism. They are raising false flags of defeat in the press and media. It just isn't true.

Last year in April while the main war was still going on to defeat Saddam Hussein's military, I myself gave a class to my company of the 16th Engineers about the threat posed by Sadr and the prospects for conflict with his militias. Though my fellow soldiers didn't appreciate having to attend a class at 8am on one of our last days before deploying to Baghdad, they can tell you that what is happening now is no surprise. I used open and general information that my superiors were already aware of.

He details the seriousness of the fight with Sadr, the awareness of the delicacy of the situation, and the successes that the Coalition has made. We're not getting the news from the news.

Thanks for your service, gentlemen.

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