May 13, 2004

Cheer Up, Hawks!

So says Charles Rousseaux in a Tech Central Station column.

He writes for the Washington Times. I am not familiar with his work, but he squeezes off some great lines in an upbeat assessment of the War:

...much of the debacle chatter is coming from the decoder-ring wielding members of the right wing conspiracy. It's as if a coterie of conservatives has taken out temporary memberships in the R.W. Apple Jr. quagmire club.

Pretty good. How about:
The fights in Iraq appear to be having a positive effect on the War on Terror. Osama bin Laden has had a lot of reasons to hit the bottle of Old Jihad lately. According to a State Department report released last month, terrorism hit its lowest level in 34 years in 2003.
Many of Operation Iraqi Freedom's premises have proved false, and its costs and sorrows are undeniable. Yet progress continues to be made, and the potential of a democratic Iraq is unmistakable. With a little perseverance it may still fulfill some of that promise. The quagmire conservatives should be aware of some of the legitimate good news coming from Iraq, or at least listen to the advice of singer Corey Hart in his 80's hit, "Never Surrender," "Just a little more time is all we're asking for/Cause just a little more time could open closing doors. . .

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