May 17, 2004

Kerry Demonization, May 17

From that incorrigible right-wing organ, "Time" magazine. Joe Klien, and an anti war reservist are both a little tired of the Senator's nuanced position on Iraq;

"Kerry's aides insist that the Senator's Iraq reticence is merely an act of patriotic high-mindedness reflecting a desire to show support for the troops and to not 'politicize' the issue. Oh, please... Sooner or later, he will have to tell us whether he thinks the war was worth it. He will have to say whether he believes America has a responsibility to restore stability and rebuild Iraq. He will either have to stick with his U.N. plan and hope the international community will support the new Iraqi government with a major peacekeeping effort, or support the premature withdrawal of American troops, if that is what Bush decides to do"

Hat-tip WSJ Political Diary

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