May 19, 2004

Great Iraqi Blog

The very existence of Iraqi blogs seems a good reason to support the liberation of Iraq. There are now quite a few good ones and they cover a wide political spectrum.

I really enjoyed this one, Iraq The Model

Glenn links to an inspiring letter from an American Soldier, but I enjoyed the views of the blog author himself:

My arrival day was the day when a rally of support and gratitude to the coalition passed the streets of Samawa. The scene was very delightful for me, I, who believe in the necessity of establishing a strategic partnership with the free world represented by the coalition, because this the only way for Iraq to rise again, prosper and join the modern, free world. Such partnership, the way I see it, is vital for the free world in its war with terrorism, the corner stone of which is to establish peace and stability in the ME. Yes, we should put our hands in each other's because we have a common destiny. It was a very encouraging thing to see that the simple people there understood the case and this is probably the first time where people go out to the streets to thank and support our allies in the coalition, but strangely it came from ordinary, simple people not from those who claim to be civilized intellectuals.

Well worth some time to read several postings.

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