May 20, 2004

Which States "Swing?"

My favorite Jazz story: A young Marcus Roberts meets his hero, Thelonius Monk, and requests advice for a young piano player comin' up.

"Swing," says Monk.

A great answer, but the young turk understandably wants a little more than one word, so he presses: yes that's important and all...but what do I do after that?

"Swing some mo'"

Is that a true story? I dunno --- but it's a great story.

What is true? Polls would have us believe that both Colorado and New Jersey may be in play in 2004. If Bush loses Colorado, he's in deep kim chee. (This Boulder-guy thinks that Nader's appearance on the ballot as the Reform Party candidate wipes out any miniscule chance to paint this state blue.)

Likewise, the Senator from Massachusetts is in pretty deep if he can't pull a win in the Garden State: Yahoo! News sez:

Democrat John Kerry and President Bush are in a virtual statistical dead heat among registered voters in New Jersey polled by Quinnipiac University.
Kerry's favorability is poor in New Jersey, which Al Gore (news - web sites) won by 16 percentage points in 2000. Twenty-seven percent approve of the Democrat, 28 percent don't and 33 percent are mixed, according to the poll.

How can anybody not dig this?

UPDATE: The AP Headline is "Kerry Edges Bush in NJ Poll." No, I am not claiming bias, just missing the story.

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