September 01, 2004

Oh Yes It's Ladies' Night!

Oh, what a ni-yi-yite!

Okay, you white males you (sorry, Dag). We missed the point. Riza tells me that last night was ladies' night. Glenn at insty points out that women liked Laura's speech. Riza says they also went for the Breast Cancer speech, education, and then the eye-candy of the Governator.

I was disappointed after the singing rhetoric of Monday. Meaty politics, a moral defense of the war, a rousing salute to all the troops and vets, whether or not they are named John Kerry -- I was in heaven. Riza said "you're not supposed to like it. Last night was for moderates and soccer moms -- you had your night on Monday."

I hate pandering but I think she is right. That was a network TV night and it was outreach to the middle. I found myself doing Derb's math problem through some of the speeches.

In Karl I trust. Sortof. And tonight we get Dick and Lynne Cheney.

What is the limit of (cos(pi/n) /sin(pi/n)) as n goes to infinity?

Posted by jk at September 1, 2004 11:27 AM
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