September 01, 2004

Lt. Gov. Steele

Jay Nordlinger ties up last night pretty well in today's Impromptus although I still think folks are being too hard on the twins. They're 22. They're not patricians like the Kerry girls. I could live without the candidate's kids on the podium, but their performance was fine.

Watching on C-Span, I did catch the Lt. Gov of Maryland's superb speech. One of the greats. Jay saw it too:

Oh, Michael Steele, the lieutenant governor of Maryland, what a marvelous speech! Pity no one heard it. I don't believe that even the cable networks showed it. Steele spoke as an unabashed black Republican, and he both explained and jabbed. He also exhorted and inspired. Here's an interesting line: "[President Bush] knows that too many of our children are headed for the state pen instead of Penn State." And I don't think I had ever heard the following point made in a political speech: ". . . we have come even further since a majority of Republicans in the United States Senate fought off the segregationist Democrats to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

A little more: "[Kerry] . . . recently said that he doesn't want to use the word 'war' to describe our efforts to fight terrorism. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to use the words 'commander in chief' to describe John Kerry." This sent Dick Cheney rocketing to his feet.

A little more Steele: "A lifelong Democrat, [my mother] once asked me how I could grow up to be such a strong Republican. I simply replied, 'Mom, you raised me well.'"

Jay continues...
We hear constantly, in the press, about the Republicans' "window-dressing" at these conventions. We put black and brown faces onstage, but have few of them in our party. A Republican convention is like a Utah Jazz basketball game the performers are black and the audience is white. All that crap.

But listen: One fine day, journalists are going to have to take these speakers seriously. Michael Steele makes arguments about why he is a Republican and why others should be as well. Shouldn't these arguments matter? Shouldn't our political and journalistic foes be forced to grapple with them?

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