September 02, 2004

Defense of Liberty

It occurred to me yesterday (I can't remember specifically when or why) what the real, subconscious issue is for the swift boat vets and why they feel so betrayed by Senator Spitball. It isn't merely that Senator Spitball returned from his tour of duty and became (?) an anti-war activist. They aren't offended just that he accused US soldiers of methodical and officially sanctioned commission of war crimes and human atrocities. At the heart of their disgust is the fact that Senator Spitball is opposed to all war on principle, and that the best and strongest case he could make at the time for unconditional surrender by America was 'our troops are evil.'

So not only was the war a mistake but the reason was that our military was incompetent, from top to bottom, and their attempted defense of liberty for the Vietnamese people was a travesty. It's no surprise that Vietnam vets were so demoralized and emotionally scarred by the entire affair. Senator Spitball and his ilk blamed their altruistic motive of defending the helpless from vicious tyrants for all the wickedness of war.

Budding post-modern feel-good psychologists at the time coined a malady to describe their condition - post-traumatic stress disorder. It's clear now that the real diagnosis is the extent to which collectivist ideology had invaded our own society and made a principled defense of the liberty of others impossible. Defense of liberty has been in retreat ever since, right up to the point where the liberty under assault became our own.

Senator Miller showed us last night how even a loyally democratic American reacts in that situation - Give me liberty or give me death. His is an approach that, if followed persistently by the GOP, could lead to the landslide Bush victory that St. Stephen has long predicted.

Posted by JohnGalt at September 2, 2004 01:22 PM

I hereby grant special dispensation from my respectful address comment below for the sobriquet "Senator Spitball"

Senators "Spitball and Sunshine" in '04...

Your enumeration of reasons for discontent are so encompassing as to betray your argument -- these folks have a lot of very good reasons to oppose Senator Sp -- er Kerry.

Posted by: jk at September 2, 2004 01:37 PM
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