September 13, 2004


Give the man his props. Hugh Hewitt did a superb roundup of Rathergate last Friday.

Today, he wonders about Senator Kerry missing on the milk carton. Forty-four-days (eleven more than the Monty Python sketch: "still no sight of land...") -- well, still no sign of Senator Kerry with a real journalist.

Calling a reporter on a Sunday while not appearing on the Sunday shows is an admission of both panic and certainty that the candidate couldn't have managed other than a controlled interview, and certainly not a television interview that would provide tape of a bumbler/stumbler still clutching his magic hat fantasy. What if Russert had rolled tape from StolenHonor? What is Chris Wallace had asked about the gun-running to Cambodia? The handlers can't risk letting Kerry out of the box he built for himself, so Campaign 2004 Deathwatch continues. How bad is it for the Dems? One report has a decision being taken to "unleash" Al Gore, which is like sending Jayson Blair to the aid of Dan Rather. Who's next? A reunion tour of Clark and Moore, with Howard Dean as an opening act?

Polls, shmolls, this dude is in a bit of trouble.

Posted by jk at September 13, 2004 04:48 PM

Don't count your chickens JK. The fact is that many if not most of those voting for Kerry are really voting against Bush. It doesn't really matter that Kerry has the charisma and backbone of a salted slug. The ABB crowd will vote for him anyway and that is why the polls and the election remain close.

Posted by: dagny at September 14, 2004 10:14 PM
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