September 14, 2004

Pix from the Denver Rally

Johngalt has some pictures from the Bush Rally in Denver. If this is where he was sitting, I was about six away.

I had a great time. W's speech was good. Yeah it's the stump speech, yeah you've heard it, but yeah, it was great to hear it live. "Good to be back in Colorado where you see more cowboy hats than ties."

A big treat for me was to hear Pete Coors. He really cemented his position in my book. I was going to vote for him because he has an 'R' after his name. Now I am convinced that he's an important addition to the U.S. Senate. As I said in a comment, I realize now he is a Reaganite. Less Government, less spending, less regulation, lower taxes and tort reform defined his speech. "Fifty seven lawyers are enough in the Senate -- send in a businessman!"

The President was introduced by the architect of "the Drive." I'm not sure there was an undecided voter in the house, but that's not a bad combo in Denver That's Mr. Elway behind him, towering over Governor Owens.

I sat next to a 17 year old Republican activist/volunteer who wants to be a Senator someday. Chelsea, you have my vote! What a treat to meet the future of the GOP! Some students from DU were behind me.

The place was PACKED and enthusiastic

The band was good as well -- some local guys who went to NY to play the convention parties.

Republican 20-somethings singing John Prine songs ("Angel From Montgomery") I think maybe realignment happened!

UPDATE: the band is called Mission 19

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Posted by jk at September 14, 2004 01:59 PM

One of the most memorable Bush lines was, "My opponent said he voted for the eighty-seven billion before he voted against it. (crowd chants: flip flop! flip flop!) I've spent quite a bit of time in Colorado and people here don't talk like that!"

My 4-year old niece joined the crowd in chanting "4 more years!"

My two nephews and I substituted "gimme four!" for gimmie five when doing high fives with our thumbs folded.

And last but not least, I realized that "W really stands for two victories, back to back!" - VV

Posted by: johngalt at September 14, 2004 05:21 PM

You bastards got lucky with outdoor natural lighting! My pictures mostly sucked.... but I was waaaaaay closer.

Did he respond to cheers from the crowd? He gave a couple of winks and acknowledgements as people would yell.
I got in a "Let Freedom Reign" in a lull, but he didn't respond.

He seems extremely "accessible" when he's talking up there. Like he's talking to you.
Of course it was my first political speech/rally, so they might all be that way...

Posted by: AlexC at September 14, 2004 10:59 PM

Alex, we saw him in 2000 right after he secured the nomination. We were very close then; I almost got an autograph but some lady pushed in front of me (damn Republicans!)

He does seem very personable. He wanders through the crowd, Clinton style, and really seems to connect with folks.

Posted by: jk at September 15, 2004 08:37 AM

You were closer? Oh yeah, you live in a blue state! (But Gallup has it polling red nowadays.)

Yes, the 50 trillion candlepower "dawn's early light" helped tremendously. I was near the back and used a 300 mm lens with optical image stabilization on my digital SLR (that gives the lens a 35mm equivalent focal length of 400 mm.) As I reviewed the shots on site I wasn't sure they would be clear but once I saw them on screen I was very pleased.

Posted by: johngalt at September 15, 2004 05:23 PM

Here's what I shot with my out of the box Canon S40.
If I had a tripod, the non-flashed ones would have looked great.

Posted by: AlexC at September 15, 2004 09:30 PM
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