September 16, 2004

Guitars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music

An email from "Sugarchuck." I don't think he'll mind if I share it:

You've heard this next bit before, but it happened again, so I'll retell it. I was playing with a country band in Albert Lea, MN on Saturday night, 9-11 and at the end of the first set the band played "America The Beautiful". Everyone in the place stood up, took off their hats, put their hands over their hearts and sang along. Some folks cried. The place was decorated in red, white and blue streamers and there were flags on the wall. It was incredibly moving and once again I am flummoxed to explain why liberals are so cynical and hostile towards the symbols of our country and patriotism in general.

I though the same at the Bush rally. They passed out signs and American flags; we waved them en masse at the applause lines. I know there are a lot of flags at Democratic rallies, but I wondered if the attendees were nearly as comfortable carrying and waving them as were the Republicans.

Sugarchuck is on his way to see the President in Minnesota (guaranteed dirty hippy country!) maybe we can press him for a report.

Posted by jk at September 16, 2004 08:32 AM

Dirty hippies, shirt untucked (tsk, tsk, and all), man they probably listen to that loud rock and roll music too. Geez JK, are you geezering out on me here?

Posted by: Silence Dogood at September 16, 2004 08:44 AM

I almost pointed out that both Sugarchuck and I are "dirty Republican hippies," but I didn't want to break the flow...

Posted by: jk at September 16, 2004 09:06 AM

Whew, with all the talk about Vietnam and hippies, I was beginning to think this was Nixon-Agnew not Bush-Cheney.

Posted by: Silence Dogood at September 17, 2004 02:06 PM

Let's not forget that JOHN KERRY is the man who has made Vietnam an issue in this campaign. It was also a matter of choice by JOHN KERRY to associate himself with 'dirty hippies' who had an anti-soldier agenda during that era. That pro-soldier veterans would now remind us of that is not surprising, but to be expected.

Posted by: johngalt at September 22, 2004 08:31 AM
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