September 17, 2004

Honey, Those Are Democrats

...and they're just like that.

AP/Yahoo shows this picture of Sophia Parlock. In a dignified display of the seriousness of their party's ideas and the perspicacity of their arguments, Kerry-Edwards supporters tore up the three-year-old's Bush-Cheney sign and made her cry.


Yes, I'm sure one could find examples of over-zealousness in the GOP ranks, but I have to say that after the Protesters at the convention in New York City, ads, fake memos, Bush=Hitler signs, and Susan Estrich's call to bring up alcoholism, I am feeling like I am on the side of the choirboys.

The Swifties have made some serious allegations, but they signed their names and are available for cross-examination. Senator Kerry could dispel all the allegations by releasing his records with the famous Form 180.

UPDATE: HOAX? There are rumblings in the blogosphere that "Dad" has made these claims before.

I am NOT completely standing by this story. If it's fake it;s fake. I will update as required. Congressional investigation?

UPDATE2: Michele Malkin is not as ready to give up on this story. She thinks The Left Is Desparate For A Hoax

UPDATE3: Blogs for Bush is standing by the story -- and President Bush sent along a new sign and an autographed picture.

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