September 20, 2004

AP: Kerry Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

I guess the Senator does have a position on Iraq. It seems a little odd to have it come out now. Yahoo! News - Kerry Says He Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

NEW YORK - Staking out new ground on Iraq, Sen. John Kerry said Monday he would not have overthrown Saddam Hussein had he been in the White House, and he accused President Bush of "stubborn incompetence," dishonesty and colossal failures of judgment. Bush said Kerry was flip-flopping.

It's a credible (but I think misguided) position. I do not see how he has any credibility with it on September 20. All the votes, all the speeches, all the requests for him to be clear. Now he picks this as a campaign theme -- it's pandering and not a belief.

I am glad that he picked something to argue against. Saddam Hussein was a threat to the United States, a financial sponsor of terrorism in Palestine and provided at the very least safe haven to al Qaeda. NED bless those brave men and women who toppled his regime.

So, a Kerry presidency leaves Saddam in power and the UN corruption in full gear. I'll run against that.

Posted by jk at September 20, 2004 03:44 PM

Kerry- "Forget all that other stuff I said. This is the TRUTH!" He only has to stick with this story for 43 days. We'll see if he can make it.

Apparently Carville and Begala have convinced him to stick with the "I'm more anti-war than Dean" position that won him the primary. They seem to be admitting that their best hope for victory in November is the Madrid Massacre strategy. "Put it all on 10, John, and hope the terrorists don't roll craps."

Posted by: johngalt at September 20, 2004 05:59 PM

It would be interesting to plot his positions on Iraq on a time axis.
Maybe we can even find an equation in the madness.
It would of course be based on a sine or a cosine perhaps.
So then we could predict his position at a time in the future.

Posted by: AlexC at September 20, 2004 11:13 PM

Would it converge? Hmmm.

Posted by: jk at September 21, 2004 08:51 AM
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