September 22, 2004

Unfortunate Choice, Son

I think we can relegate "operation fortunate son" to the dustbin of failed oppo research. Safe to say the RaTHergate contretemps has ensured it a place at the bottom.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit says "But don't let the Kerry Campaign's misuse of John Fogerty's music, and misrepresentation of his life history, stop you from enjoying the music. I've got the Creedence Clearwater Boxed Set and it's great. They did a good job with the remastering, too."

I have to disagree with his uberblogness on this one. The song's selection is emblematic of what plagues the Democrats: their ideas, their passions and their music are mired in a boomer nostalgia 1960's theme. The graying stars are now paraded out on PBS pledge drives to a greyer audience.

Now Iím in no position to insult someone's hair or preference for older music. Django riffs enter my head without any interference from follicular output. But I am going to call my tastes eclectic. Liberalism is more sclerotic than retro.

I'll end with an oppo selection to the RNC: Blossom Dearie singing "To Keep My Love Alive." Ms. Dearie marries, then murders, a parade of aristocrats and industry captains, smothering one with a mattress and calling it "mattress-cide."

Susan Estrich is right, politics ain't beanbag. I say we deploy "Operation Dearie" Immediately

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