October 15, 2004

Not "Fair Game"

Mary Beth Cahill said that VP Cheney's Daughter was "fair game," but Jim Geraghty at NRO's Kerry Spot disagrees. He sets the stage and runs the transcripts of both times she is mentioned. Then he concludes:

Where the hell did that come from? The question was about Vice President Cheney’s remarks on the subject in the past and the administration’s position. There was an oblique reference to his “family’s experience.” Why did John Edwards treat this as an excuse to assess whether the Vice President loves his daughters? Just who does John Edwards think he is to think he’s got the right to judge the Vice President as a father?

Both Kerry and Edwards felt a need to bring up Mary Cheney's lifestyle, in their very first words about the topic of gay marriage. You think that's coincidence?

If you thought it was tasteless and cruel for some Republicans, as well as Saturday Night Live, to make fun of Chelsea Clinton, I cannot understand how you can think it's okay for Edwards and Kerry to consistently drag Mary Cheney into this debate in order to score political points.

Unless you think family members are fair game in politics. And if you do, well... then, in my humble opinion, you're a repugnant human being.

It matters to me because I look for more non-politicians to enter politics. The abuse of families keeps many good citizen legislators out.

UPDATE: This story seemd to have some traction. I wanted to pass Hugh Hewitt's line: "It isn't about Mary Cheney. It is about John Kerry's character, and his ruthlessness. "He is not a good man," Lynne Cheney said three times today. She could have said it thirty times. "Integrity, integrity, integrity?" I wonder what the elder Mrs. Kerry would have said about using an opponent's child as a wedge issue?"

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