January 06, 2005

NED Bless Jonah

A Corner Post:

NEW DRINKING GAME [Jonah Goldberg]
Every time Specter mentions his experience as a prosecutor, do a shot. And why does he say "Patriot's Act" instead of Patriot Act? Maybe you should chug a beer when he says that.

I'm proud to be at work, missing the hearings today; Leahy would just drive my blood pressure up. I heard a rumor yesterday that my new Democratic Senator, Ken Salazar, plans to support Gonzales.

I hope this is true. While I supported Mr. Coors, I think Senator Salazar might be a responsible Democrat, joining forces with Evan Bath and Barak Obama, and Harold Ford when he gets there. Here's to hope!

Posted by jk at January 6, 2005 09:02 AM
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