January 07, 2005

Damn Fundamentalists!

Now this is funny! It comes to me through GOPUSA. I suspect it is factually true, though the articles are biased. Oliver Stone tells a London crowd that "Alexander" bombed because fundamentalists couldn't handle a gay character:

Despite nearly universal disapproval from U.S. movie critics of the Macedonian conqueror film starring Colin Farrell, Val Kilmer, and Angelina Jolie, Stone blasted what he called "a raging fundamentalism in morality" in America for the film's poor performance in the U.S. while attending the British premiere of the film in London on Wednesday.

"I was quite taken aback by the controversy and fierceness of the reviews about a character we don't really know too much about," Stone told reporters in London on Wednesday. "I operate on my passion and sometimes I'm naive, I don't think about the consequences."

Stone ridiculed people from the South in the Bible Belt for causing the 3-hour saga, which cost nearly $200 million to make and market, to earn less than $35 million since its American debut on November 24.

"From day one audiences didn't show up," Stone lamented. "They didn't even read the reviews in the South because the media was using the words, 'Alex the gay.' As a result you can bet that they thought, 'We're not going to see a film about a military leader that has got something wrong with him.'"

"Despite nearly universal disapproval from U.S. movie critics" well, I'm sure most US film critics are confirmed gay-hating fundamentalists.

Perhaps the movie, ummm, was no good?

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