January 07, 2005


Jonathan Last at Galley Slaves links to a Meryl Yourish post about Saudi Arabia's response to the tsunami.

It seems that after some called the Saudi offer of $10 Million "stingy" (with or without a Norwegian accent), the princes dug deep and increased the official government offer to $30M. And a telethon raised supplies and an additional $31.2M.

The AP article points out that other telethons for Iraqi affected by the war and for Palestinian martyrs also raised "tens of millions."

Yourish digs up the exact figure paid to the Palestinian terrorists martyrs and he and Last and jk question their priorities:

Embarrassed for only putting up $10 million for the tsunami victims, the Saudi's have upped their ante to $30 million, with the help of a nationwide telethon.

But it turns out that this isn't the first time the Saudis have dug deep for others. In 2003 they raised $11.5 million for Iraqis--and $109 million for Palestinian "martyrs."

It isn't that Islamists don't know how to give to a good cause. It's that they have very different ideas about which causes are good.

We would do well to remember this in the future.

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