January 13, 2005

JK & Beinart

I read The New Republic to discourage "cocooning" where I read only things I agree with, to keep an eye on the "other guys," and -- most importantly -- to brag about how open minded I am.

Most of their writers are too deep into the Democrat swamp for me to agree much with, but Editor Peter Beinart always gets me thinking and every now and then we agree. In Golden, he suggests that Democrats take Gerrymandering as one of "their" issues.

And the response shouldn't be limited to the Golden State. Democrats across the country should jump on the Schwarzenegger bandwagon, demanding that their states also take redistricting away from the state legislatures that deny voters a real choice over who represents them. In a state like Florida, where the GOP has absurdly gerrymandered to ensure a mass of safe Republican seats, such a change could bring real Democratic gains and perhaps even help put control of the House back in play. More importantly, it would reinvigorate American democracy. Nothing would make our politics more responsive, more dynamic, and more fun than hundreds of contested congressional elections, all over the country.
Amen, Brother Pete! Somebody has to fix this. It would not be a bad partisan theme for the Ds. Like Beinart, they could use it to further demonize Rep. Tom DeLay. And it would position them as restoring little-d democracy, power to the people, make every vote count, eat all your peas, and all that.

Beinart is also right to make it effective in 2011 after the census. I don't think the current lines ultimately benefit Democrats or Republicans but they benefit every incumbent. Voting in 2005 for something that will not affect them until 2011 might encourage a less self-serving decision.

Posted by jk at January 13, 2005 11:44 AM

Sugarchuck emails: "It is good to read 'The Nation' once a week, not so much to see what the other guy is up to, but to provide a grateful attitude. Thank God, or NED as the case may be, that I am not as crazy as those bastards."

Posted by: jk at January 14, 2005 09:36 AM
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