January 14, 2005

Lone Star Madman

...just doesn't seem to have the punch. Yet a certain "Kill-it-and-Grill-it!" author, and Gibson Byrdland maven has decided to vote with his feet. John Fund notes in today's WSJ OpinionJournal Political Diary:

Political scientists are turning up evidence that people are increasingly relocating to states where residents share their basic political values. Count the Motor City Madman, rocker Ted Nugent, as one of them. The lifelong Michigan resident, an enthusiastic conservative and gun owner, has pulled up stakes and turned Texan. He's even donating his services to help the local Crawford High School band raise the money needed to perform at the inauguration on January 20. He will hold a concert tomorrow night that he expects will raise a grubstake of $25,000.

Mr. Nugent says he still loves his native Michigan, but his new lifestyle can't be beat. "The folks are friendly, they have their heads screwed on right and I can shoot game almost outside my door," he told me last year. Mr. Nugent said he only wishes some of his liberal fellow celebrities would follow his example and move to places where they might find the neighbors' political views more congenial. "They always claim they want to move to France or Canada, but they never do," he added.

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